About Us

Ramin Hosseinpour Is A Multi-Talented International Artist Professionally Working In the international Media. He Is An Architect, Conceptual Artist, Writer, Director, Producer, Composer .

Ramin has won more than 52 international festivals in Munich, Vancouver, Paris, Moscow, New York, Boden, Las Vegas,Saint-Petersburg,Rome,Los Angeles and many other events. Hosseinpour has Professionally started Architectural combined with Cinema And Rock Music since 2014. He started playing the instrument as a child and was very interested in visual arts. He studied architecture, music and cinema at the University. He has been working in the field architecture designer and conceptual artist for nearly 2 decades . He is a university professor, he is director, writer, producer in the cinema , and he is composer, producer, singer and musician in the international Media. At first, he started making the video art Ghanimat in 2014 and he made the video art Eshtiagh in 2017 One of his best activities in the field of international art is video art of sculpture

Ramin Hosseinpour founded RH Design Studio in Tehran in 2003 One of his prominent members in RH Design Studio, who is the chief architectural engineer of this company, can be mentioned by the name of Amin Mohammad Hosseinpour.