رامین حسین پور

Video Art Of Sculpture Selected By Prestigious Miami festival

Director: Ramin Hosseinpour

Director Statement

This piece is an experiment in the new aesthetic possibilities of AI video manipulation and a reflection on the very nature of the technology. Formally the piece plays with new montage techniques made possible with AI. Aesthetically it hints at the deep, dark desires lurking under the surface connecting it to Vertigo’s themes of artificial personas and dangerous desires for the unreal. This film draws on that reference to reflect on the interplay between human emotions, artificial personas, and the allure of simulated experiences. It invites viewers to contemplate the strange desires that may arise when humans interact with advanced technologies that blur the line between the real and the unreal, and the way cinema has already clouded that distinction.

Cinematic Poetry/Video Art


Iran, Islamic Republic of

Film: Video Art /Architectural Composition With Cinema & Rock Music.
Video art of sculpture is the real life story of Rumi (Mevlana) and Shams Tabrizi. Rumi and Shams are well known international poets of Persian language. One day, Rumi invites Shams Tabrizi to his house, Shams throws the book Of Mevlana into the pool of water and Rumi is worried and Shams returns the book to Rumi without any trace of water.
The lost half of the sculpture in the film is a representation of the same concept, in which the dance of Sama, the sculptor’s mind and the role of the face are visible.

رامین حسین پور

Video Art of Sculpture By Ramin Hosseinpour

Ramin Hosseinpour is a multi-talented media and music artist who is also a graduate of architecture and design. His experimental media projects have been shown in various platforms. His works include music, film, design and artistic concepts. His projects have won many awards in independent film festivals around the world.

As a composer, arranger, singer and a musician, he started his career in 2014 with the work of Ghanimat. After the successful release of Ghanimat, he made a lot of efforts to combine the architectural space with cinema and music with the release of video art of Eshtiagh , until he reached the finals of international festivals through the making of the video art of sculpture which he officially released in 2021 and later won more than 42 international festival competitions.

This video art is the subject of the biography of Rumi and Shams Tabrizi, Rumi and Shams Tabrizi are considered to be the greatest poets of the Persian language, the first success of Ramin Hosseinpour began at the international level by receiving the award for the best music video from the independent Vancouver festival and continued to achieve many achievements for Ramin Hosseinpour, including winning festivals in Moscow, Munich, California, Boden, London, Las Vegas, Paris, New York and Los Angeles and… the awards he won in these festivals, such as the best music video, the best documentary director, the best musician, the best stage designer, the best singer at the Los Angeles International Festival and the best experimental music video at the Berlin International Art Film Festival. Berlin.

Ramin has worked on 4 albums (8 choices, contemporary, ganjoor Avangard) and several single tracks. He is an independent artist who produces all the videos and music and Architecture by himself, and his unique creativity has made him appear in the domestic and international media. His sculpture video art is ranked second on Imdb’s top 50 documentary music videos. And he is considered to be the originator of combining architecture with cinema and music.


Here is the link to A Video Art Sculpture:

Directed by Ramin Hosseinpour

Watch Video Art of Sculpture:

رامین حسین پور

Iran’s video art producer wins at Berlin International Art Film Festival

July 11, 2023 – 20:0

TEHRAN – Iranian artists Ramin Hosseinpour won the Best Experimental Music Video award at the 16th edition of the Berlin International Art Film Festival in Germany.

Hosseinpour received the award for his video art of ‘Sculpture’.

His video art has been previously won awards at various international festivals including 2022 Vancouver Independent Film Festival Award, 2022 Rome Music Video Award, One-Reeler Short Film Competition, International Music Video Underground, Munich Music Video Awards, Boden International Film Festival, High Tatras Film & Video Festival, Art Blocks International Film Festival, Europe Music Video Awards, Vegas Movie Awards, Accolade Competition, Europe Film Festival U.K. (EFFUK), Stockholm Gold Awards International Film Festival, Prague International Film Festival, International Izmir Short Film Festival, International Music Video Awards  and Zagreb Film Festival.

Hosseinpour is the music video director, producer, composer, arranger, and electric guitar player.

Earlier, he was chosen as the Best Male Vocalist at the LA Music Video Awards 2022 for his video art of ‘Sculpture’.

Berlin Art Film Festival has been selecting, promoting and screening films through its screening platform of Euro Arthouse Cinedaily in the past three years. The festival has a bi-monthly online edition and an annual competition with bonuses and awards for the winners of the best feature and short of the year. The festival stands with independent cinema and promotes arthouse film projects of all genres in various categories of the competition.