Video art of sculpture

رامین حسین پور

Video Art of Sculpture By Ramin Hosseinpour

Ramin Hosseinpour is a multitalented artist working in media. He is an architect, conceptual artist, writer, director, producer, composer Video Art Of Sculpture.

Ramin has won more than 20 international festivals in Munich, Vancouver, Paris, Moscow, New York, Boden, Las Vegas and many other events. Hosseinpour has been working professionally since 2014. He started playing the instrument as a child and was very interested in visual arts. He studied architecture, music and cinema at the University. He is a designer in architecture, a conceptual artist. He is a university professor, he is director, writer, producer in the cinema , and he is composer, producer, singer and musician in the music .

Video art of sculpture is the real life story of Rumi (Mevlana) and Shams Tabrizi. Rumi and Shams are well known international poets of Persian language. One day, Rumi invites Shams Tabrizi to his house, Shams throws the book into the pool of water and Rumi is worried and Shams returns the book to Rumi without any trace of water.

The lost half of the sculpture in the film is a representation of the same concept, in which the dance of Sama, the sculptor’s mind and the role of the face are visible.

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